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About me and why I shoot

Hi, I'm Diane and I'd love to take your photo. I promise I'll make it fun and easy. You won't even need to think about anything but your inspiration.


I love looking through a view finder, composing the frame and snapping at just the right moment. I've taken photos professionally since 2000. I worked at a photo lab and worked some amazing talent and eventually started my own studio and worked for a magazine ie Style. I've had a ton of fun!

Burn out is a real thing though, so I stepped back to raise my 3 amazing kids, get a realtors license and live a homesteading lifestyle.

Now that I've found my new sense of peace, I've decided to bring back my passion for photography. I enjoy creating a fun and personable experience for each individual person in front of my lens.

I shoot with natural light or studio depending on the goals. I will typically be limited with the shoots I offer, but open to all types of ideas.

If I ever have the pleasure of taking your photo, you'll have fun and you'll love your shots. Really, that's the only reason I shoot.

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